The Lessons

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The Lessons

Post by RyuJin on Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:42 pm

Lesson 1
The code contained herein is a merging of the original Jedi code and the Sith code, blending both light and dark. Explain and discuss your interpretation of each line of the code and how it can be applied to self improvement.

Lesson 2
Explain and discuss your understanding of the three treasures and how you would acquire and utilize the three treasures for self improvement.

Lesson 3
Explain and discuss your understanding of the three aspects. Discuss which aspect is your best, worst, and how you would improve each aspect.

Lesson 4
Discuss the importance of the three duties and possible ways in which you would accomplish each one.

Lesson 5
Discuss your understanding of each of the twelve teachings and how you would apply them.

Lesson 6
Explain and discuss your understanding of symbiosis. Explore and discuss how this concept can be applied on a global and universal scale.

Lesson 7
Explore and discuss the blood type diets. Which type are you? Does the diet match your actual blood type?

Lesson 8
Discuss the importance of health and fitness to Jedi. How do you train your body to carry out the life of a Jedi.

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